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Anyone can write.

Mug filled with pens.THE real trick is being able to write in a way which makes your audience want to read whatever it is that you have written.

A newsletter is a very effective way of communicating news to an audience... as long as the audience wants to read it. After all, there's not much point in taking the (metaphorical) horse to water, if you don't know how to give it a thirst.

So the burning question is not whether or not you need a newsletter, it's if you do need a newsletter, how you are going to create one which will actually succeed in getting your information into the heads of the people you want to reach?

At this point, can we make a suggestion?

If you're a bit hazy on the principles of line length and layout, not particularly au fait with persuasive writing techniques and have no idea at all how to package publications so people actually want to read them, it might be time to call in a friendly face who does.

After all, we all loved crayons when we were young, but very few of us were really good at using them... even the ones with the lovely sharp point.