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Want to hit the headlines?

WHEN it comes to your good news, if it isn’t publicised, it might as well not have happened. And make no mistake... getting your news noticed among the hundreds of other releases clamouring for attention is a real art.

In busy newsrooms there are no second chances for badly written or ill-timed press releases. Every minute snap judgements decide what gets through and what goes in the bin. Newsrooms don’t have a shortage of information, they have a shortage of time needed to generate good quality content which is easy to understand, out of the ordinary and interesting to the listeners, viewers and readers.

Mug of coffee with a fountain pen.Having been on the receiving end of good, bad and really terrible media releases for four decades, Sue knows exactly what's needed if you want to succeed.

  • What will really grab an editor’s attention.
  • How to write for maximum effect.
  • What turns journalists off. (Lots).
  • What format to use.
  • Who to send it to, and...
  • The best time to send it.

So if you have news you need to get noticed, and you aren't sure how to go about it, why not put your pen down for a minute, and get in touch with Sue?

She's that rare thing, a friendly face in a fiercely competitive world - and she'd be happy to come over and lend a hand. (And as she takes her coffee black with no sugar, that pen won't even be needed to give the cup a stir)!