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'PR's a mug's game.' Discuss.

PR HAS been having some pretty poor PR of its own of late. And as budgets stretch even thinner, many organisations are beginning to think that perhaps they could do a lot of their media management for themselves, if they could just have a little help to get them started...

Pyramid of mugs.And with Sue's enormous wealth of direct media experience - all gained among the very people you are seeking to influence - who better to get you on the right track? Her popular media workshops will give you all the tools you need to manage your reputation - and the media - whenever you need to.

Each is adapted to answer whatever questions delegates have, filling the gaps in skills or knowledge until delegates feel able to handle all their media needs.

With an emphasis on relaxation and enjoyment while you learn, Sue's sessions are a really enjoyable, as well as fruitful, day away from the office. All you will need is a bit of help to get a handle on taking charge of your own reputation management.

As an idea, it certainly stacks up.